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The Babadook: Grief Monster

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You can guess what movie I just watched! And it’s about time too. Seems like this film has been released everywhere except the U.S. I wanted to see this flick so much, it was starting to drive me nuts (though not as crazy as Amelia).

Amelia’s a lonely widow living with her son, Samuel. He’s a difficult child, making his own weapons and talking about killing monsters – even to the point where he’s pulled out of school. To make matters worse, his birthday is coming up, which also coincides with the death of his father, Amelia’s lost husband. It’s a very stressful time in their household.

Which is made even worse by the inexplicable appearance of a strange pop-up book titled “Mister Babadook.” It tells the story of a monster by the same name. It terrifies Sam and sets him on an obsessive path to try to protect both himself and his mother from the creature. Amelia’s closer inspection shows the book predicting horrible things happening, things that she will do to her child.

Amelia tries to convince her son the monster isn’t real, but strange occurrences prove otherwise. Will mother and son be able to contend with the Babadook? Or will they find themselves overwhelmed?

It’s spooky, it’s smart, and tells a gut-wrenching story that left my stomach in knots.  Those who prefer a faster paced film or expecting a straight-up monster movie will be disappointed; The Babadook is not that kind of film. The slow tension is well worth it though, as we get to know Amelia and her son so well while they’re tormented, which only ups the ante emotionally. A horror movie is so much better when you actually give a damn about the characters.

In fact, I enjoyed the film so much that I pre-ordered my very own copy of the pop-up book shown in the film. It just hope it reaches the minimum amount of orders so it’ll actually get printed. Fingers crossed!

Okay, so I’d like to get in a little deeper at this point. I’ll be discussing different plot points throughout the film. If you’re wary of spoilers, DON’T READ PAST THIS POINT. You’ve been warned!

So, I imagine it’s safe to say that this monster is a personification of grief. It’s very clear that Amelia is still dealing with the loss of her husband, even after six years. Sam doesn’t get to celebrate his birthday on the proper date because it’s the same as his father’s death, and Amelia keeps all his old things down in their cellar. This grief leaves them very isolated from other people as they’re unable to connect with family or create new relationships.

As Amelia’s grief starts to overwhelm her, the tension builds and the Babadook makes himself known. This is especially true when Amelia’s mental state starts deteriorating and she gets ‘possessed.’ Grief-stricken people often lash out, even at the ones they love. There is a monster inside her, but it’s her own emotions that make her act out.

They say you can’t get rid of the Babadook, and that makes total sense if he and grief are one and the same. Those who have suffered the loss never really get over it. That pain will always be with them, and Amelia and her son are no exception. The solution is simple: you learn to live with it. It becomes a part of you and your daily life that you acknowledge and look after. In Amelia’s case that means keeping it in your basement and feeding it bugs from the garden, but hey, people often deal with their grief in strange ways!

Perhaps in a way all are secretly looking after a babadook of our own. How do you live with yours?


Weird Video of the Week

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Sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been going through some minor health problems lately, and unfortunately I’ll be going through surgery in the near future. Don’t worry though! I’ll still be here to bring you the creepy content you deserve.

If things go according to plan, I’ll be sharing with you all a video entry for a contest on Youtube! It’s going to be very special, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In the meantime let me share with you another video from my collection. Have a wonderful weekend.

Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s video shows how the mind can play some dirty tricks on us. Have a great weekend!

Weird Video of the Week

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Happy 4th of July everybody!

Happy 4th of July everybody!

This week’s video shows how humans die of rabies. Interesting to see, but please be advised if you’re easily disturbed; this is a real person dying. Enjoy the holiday, have a great weekend, and for the love of all that is holy please go see a doctor if you’re bitten by a wild animal!

Weird Video of the Week

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Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Hope you all have some fun plans for tonight, and be sure to be nice to all the fathers this weekend too. This week’s video a look into a man with multiple personalities. Enjoy!

Creepypasta Critique: Psychosis

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I feel like sharing my thoughts about creepypasta today. The particular story we’ll be discussing this time is a tale titled Psychosis, written by Matt Dymerski. You can read it here, if you like.

For those of you who only need a quick summary, it goes like this: a young programmer who lives in a basement apartment has spent the past several days working alone in his home, seeing and talking to no other human beings, even online or by phone. Strange occurrences take place throughout the next few days that lead the protagonist to believe that something terrible has happened to the rest of the population. Events eventually build up until he has a psychotic break.

Psychosis’ primary themes deal with isolation and paranoia. His situation is realistic, the clues that leave him questioning are subtle, and the idea that technology is out to get him and the rest of humanity is used effectively. I especially love the protagonist’s shifts from outright fear to certainty that everything is all right, until that one moment that leaves him questioning things all over again. It’s a very well thought out story that has definitely earned its place in the realm of classic creepypasta.

However there is one issue that I feel is worth discussing. Personally, the biggest problem I have with Psychosis is its ending. It reminds me of the end of the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist. King’s original short story had the main group driving around in the car with a dwindling amount of fuel and wondering what they would do once it ran out. It left their ultimate fate pretty ambiguous and the reader could use their own imagination to what could have happened. Unfortunately the film adaption decided that the protagonist would mercy-kill his son and companions and try to kill himself, only to find out they were minutes from safety. It’s an ending that only leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth, and puts a painful damper to what is otherwise a good story.

I’m not saying Psychosis has a bad ending though. It is much, MUCH better than the film adaptation of The Mist. It’s a very creepy ending that works well for what it is, and it’s likely just my personal tastes that leave me questioning how things could be different. I feel that Psychosis could have benefited more from an ambiguous ending in the same way that The Mist’s film adaptation would have.

The problem with these types of endings is that they reveal answers to mysteries that were better left unknown. In my opinion, Psychosis would benefit more as a creepypasta if readers were left wondering about events. Is there really something out there possessing and imitating humans? Or is it just the insane ramblings of a man who has cut himself off from human contact for too long? The idea of leaving the audience questioning is more appealing to me than setting the record straight.

Any thoughts out there about this tale? Feel free to share.