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Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s video is a mysterious tale of puzzles, treasure, and an unsolved murder created and told through the internet. Enjoy!


Jeff the Killer Reboot Part 1

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Okay, so at the request of my sister and some other internet-dwellers I’d thought I’d try and write another version of Jeff the Killer’s tale. This is not to steal the thunder from the original writer or story; they made the original concept and should be given kudos in the regard. Mostly it was an interesting exercise for me and I really wanted to explore more of Jeff’s character and his relationship with his brother. I find family to be a major theme in my writing, so it was just a natural fit.

I’d would also like to hear everyone’s opinion on this one. How does it compare to the original? Do you think it’s too different or doesn’t capture the right kind of message?  Never forget – I love to hear comments and critiques of my work so I can improve! In any case, enjoy and remember to stick around for part two.


Excerpt from the Alpine Valley Post


Despite law enforcement’s continued efforts to solve the unexplained murders terrorizing Northern California, the perpetrator’s identity still remains a mystery. Various reports of the killer and his rumored abilities have police unable to determine his next move.

Last Thursday’s incident, the latest murder attempt, has left one young boy very lucky to be alive. Although his family asks not to reveal his name, he has bravely chosen to tell his harrowing story with us in an exclusive interview.

According to the young survivor, the killer broke into his room through an unlocked window as he slept. The boy awoke to close it, with the killer revealing himself only when the boy was drifting back to sleep.

“His face was all wrong,” said the boy. “It was awful and ugly. His skin was white and looked kinda rubbery or something, and his eyes were sunken in and colorless. The worst was his mouth; it was in this huge smile that stretched from ear to ear; much wider than any normal person could. It was like a monster out of a nightmare.”

The survivor also describes the killer as tall – approximately six feet with a slim build. At the time of the attack, he was armed with a knife and dressed in an old white hoodie and dark pants. This is consistent with the wounds of previous victims, but the survivor has more to add about the killer’s modus operandi.

“He said ‘go to sleep’,” the survivor said, “That’s when I screamed and he tried to attack me.”

The young man fought and managed to keep his attacker at bay until his father rushed in to help. Neighbors overheard the struggle and called police. It is believed that the sound of oncoming sirens scared the killer off and saved the two.

Both the boy and the father received significant knife wounds that needed medical attention. The father has already been released from the hospital, but the young boy appears to have deeper psychological issues that keep him in North Harrison Hospital.

“I’ll never forget it,” he said. “That terrible face coming out of the darkness and talking to me – that picture never leaves my head. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again.”

Police continue their investigation of this serial killer. They ask anyone who may know of this person or his whereabouts to contact their local authorities. They also advise citizens that this killer is armed and dangerous and should not be approached under any circumstances.



With his father’s latest promotion, Jeff found his life changing dramatically. His mother had insisted on moving them all to one of those ritzy communities where house were barely distinguishable from each other and the homeowner’s association dictated how high the grass could be. Not exactly his first choice of residence, but both Jeff and his older brother Liu couldn’t complain too much. Their new home was bigger, nicer, and even had a small pool in the back. How could they ask for more?

The act of moving was a different story. Their parents orchestrated everyone’s movements, leaving Jeff and Liu to lug their things into the house as the hired movers took care of the larger furniture. The warm September day had many other people outside, and it wasn’t long before their activity drew the locals. As the movers left and Jeff’s family began bringing in the last of their belongings, a woman from across the street approached his mother, a little boy no older than seven towed behind her.

Dead Air Part 3

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I was unnerved by his attitude, but kept my composure. “I’m very sorry sir, I’m having some difficulty hearing you so you’ll have to speak up. How can I help you today?”

At first there was nothing I could really make out aside from some strange whispering, but finally the same deep voice began to speak. “Do you believe in evil?”

“Yes…” I answered, somewhat confused. “Is there anything I could help you with?”

“It’s good that you do. I’ve been trying to contact the outside world for some time now with little success. You could certainly help me with getting out of this retched place.”

While the anger in this man’s voice had scared me at first, his newfound relaxed tone was surprisingly warm and charming. His vocabulary and confidence left me with the impression that he was intelligent and articulate. Even though I still had no idea what he wanted, he left me with a little hope that this call would be over soon. Intelligent people are so much easier to deal with.

“So let me see if I understand you correctly,” I said, trying to make my voice sound less tentative than I felt. “You’re stuck or trapped somewhere very unpleasant, and choose to call your wireless provider for help? Where are you? Are you locked in a room or perhaps a basement?”

“Think deeper, my dear,” the voice said. “I’ve been trying to contact anyone with a pulse for eons now, through all kinds of means,” he explained. “It’s not easy contacting the living from another plane of existence, especially in the way communication has changed in the last century or so.”

Now I was wondering if I had some kind of crank-caller on my line. The center doesn’t get too many of these types of people, and this would be my first experience with one. My mind raced to figure out how I could get this idiot to hang up as soon as possible. He was wasting my time and there was no way for me to hang up on him or call him out on his bullshit. Another addition to the long list of rules for working here.

I didn’t even want to think about the possibility that he could be insane. That was something that I really had no clue how to deal with.

“Sir, if you’re having some kind of emergency I recommend hanging up and calling 911-”

“Don’t hang up on me again!” the caller screamed, it was so loud that I jumped in my chair and my ears began to ring. My visible shock made my neighbors in their small cubicles stare at me in confusion. I smiled and nodded silently to assure them I was alright and still in control of my call. No way was I going to let them think I couldn’t handle it. I quickly began talking again in order to regain some sense of control.

“Sir I realize that you’re in some sort of predicament, but this center is intended to assist our wireless customers. If you are a customer, I can help manage your account or troubleshoot problems with your phone. If you’re trapped or stuck somewhere, there’s not much I can do to resolve that problem. Your best bet is to contact your local authorities.”

Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s narration is a very short story about the end of humanity cause by our own mistakes. This tale is by one of the best creepypasta writers on the internet! Enjoy.

I would also like to note for transparency’s sake that I am not a YouTube partner or anything of the sort, so I don’t make money from my videos. If that should ever change, I will take any and all stories by Slimebeast off my account.

Weird Video of the Week

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Since this week’s video comes on this ridiculous day of forced romance, I am culturally obligated to provide you with a Valentine’s Day themed story. I hope it makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside in all the wrong ways! Have a great weekend.

Circumventing the Zombie Genre

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I think we can all agree that horror needs to get away from the zombie genre and start a new fad. It’s not that they’re terrible, I love a good zombie apocalypse story, but it does feel like the whole concept has rather overdone. Seems like each and every one is a tale of disease, massacre, and a group of survivors trying to beat the odds. It just gets tedious after a while.

This is why I really like seeing stories that alter the expected conventions. Not only is it refreshing to see what kind of effect a few changes can have on the plot, it can also highlight different aspects of the human condition in unexpected ways. Some mainstream examples include Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, or NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us, but I’d like to introduce you to some of the lesser-known stuff that I think you’ll enjoy. Below is a short list of creepypastas offer a new twist on the shambling undead, and provide interesting results.

“Invasive Species” by Slimebeast

This flash-fiction tale seems to be one part I Am Legend and one part Oryx and Crake, as it details the downfall of man by the uncontrolled breeding of mutated members of its own race.  The creatures described here are much like zombies because they used to be human, have overwhelming numbers, and a low intelligence level, but describing humanity’s demise though an ecological term shows how a common problem for native plant and animal species could easily happen to us.

“Fresh Faces” by Master Kenobe

In most zombie stories survivors have to worry about building their barriers and aiming for the head. That’s not the case here; the dead avoid going inside at all, but they also don’t go down when you blow their brains out. All the protagonist can do is wait for them to rot away. This heightens the sense of isolation and desperation, and it’s a great change of pace from more action-heavy affairs.

“Self Preservation” by BananaCorn

This is certainly the most gut-wrenching example here. Imagine you caught a strange new disease that caused people to rot away like a cadaver. What if the only way to stem the tide of decay was to eat other living creatures? And if the bugs and small animals weren’t working for you anymore, what then? How far would you be willing to go to survive? The answer my surprise you.

I really love how this story explores if intelligent people were confronted with the same problems zombies have to deal with. You can’t really blame the mindless undead for the damage they do, as they don’t know any better, but in this story the actions of the infected raise some serious moral and ethical questions. Honestly, if this kind of thing really happened, I’d eat a bullet long before eating an actual person.

Do you know of any stories that turns zombie genre conventions on it’s head? I’d love to hear ’em!

Weird Video of the Week

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If you’re still itching to hear some more tales of nuclear war, this week’s video is a mock broadcast from a Toronto radio station as they report humanity’s last moments. It’s quite a long video, but very rewarding! Enjoy your radiation-free weekend.