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Creepypasta Critique: Cupcakes

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Surely a Pinkie Pie you would not want to party with!

Surely a Pinkie Pie you would not want to party with!

Corrupting the innocent is one of the internet’s favorite pastimes, and ‘Cupcakes’ is one of the quintessential examples of this phenomenon.

‘Cupcakes’ is a creepypasta set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The tale re-imagines Pinkie Pie, normally a cheery, party pony in the cartoon as a serial killer. She collects and wears the remains of her past victims and uses them as an ingredient in her everyday baking. The story centers on the mutilation and murder of Rainbow Dash, one of her closest friends.

Those of you unfamiliar with ‘Cupcakes’ can read the whole thing here, but I must warn you that this tale is EXTREMELY graphic. It is definitely NSFW and not for the faint of heart. This is torture on the same level as the Hostel or Saw films. Read at your own discretion!

As for my commentary on this tale, let me first say that it nearly breaks my heart when I read it. I’m loath to admit I have a softer side, but I must confess I’m a bit of a brony. I’m familiar with the show and I’ve got plushies of the main characters. I’m by no means a diehard fan, but it is really hard for me to see such a sweet creature die so painfully, especially when Dash sobs to Pinkie that she just wants to go home. It hits my weak point for massive damage!

But enough about my sappy feelings – overall ‘Cupcakes’ a very well written creepypasta. Many events from the actual show are mentioned by the characters, or actually have an effect on the plot. Character dialogue fits their canon personalities perfectly. Even Pinkie Pie keeps her bubbly demeanor – it’s just now that trait is a part of her homicidal tendencies. The author has a clear understanding of the original show’s style, using it to their advantage. It’s easy for fans to imagine how it would look on television.

The author is also talented with descriptions of Pinkie’s lair, as well as the torture that takes place. A great level of effort was put into giving the audience a clear picture of what Psycho Pinkie is like in private. Pinkie explains her motivation to kill in a way vague enough to leave the reader intrigued. What does she mean by a pony’s ‘number coming up’ and who determines that for her?

It’s no mystery to see why it has gained such an infamous reputation. The graphic violence serves as juxtaposition to the normally endearing sweetness of the original show. The shock value alone is off the charts. ‘Cupcakes’ is not so ‘creepy’ per se, however it does have the necessary horror elements to become a well-known staple of the creepypasta world.

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: Let’s Get Creative!

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Seriously, who hasn’t seen this video? Well, in case you haven’t here it is for you to enjoy. I promise not to hug you afterwards!

Okay! Hopefully, you’ve had a moment to compose yourself and are able to continue with the post. While Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is disturbing for most, there are many viewers left wondering just what the heck any of that meant. Many theories exist, but most people agree that the film explores how children’s programming indoctrinates them into only expressing their creativity in certain ways.

While I do agree that this is what the notebook is attempting to do, I would also say that she fails at it miserably. Allow me to explain…

The video starts completely silent, with the three main characters (a shaggy red figure, a yellow and blue man, and a green duck) sitting at a table looking pretty bored. These three fellows lack any enthusiasm and judging from their dialogue, seem to take things pretty literally. This allows the notebook to make her appearance and take charge.

As the notebook introduces the others to the idea of creativity, she gives various examples of the way that she expresses her own form of it. She sees silly faces in fruit, she’s got crazy ‘hair,’ she even shows the others how she sees shapes in clouds. It’s easy to imagine her to be a teacher instructing a class.

The other characters give their own ideas as she provides these different suggestions or activities, like finding hair pretty boring, painting a clown, or thinking green is a creative color, but each time they’re shot down, She doesn’t stop to explain to them why she doesn’t find these ideas to be creative. The lack of explanation or direction is a serious mistake on her part.

As she continues to direct them, her final tip is to ‘listen to their hearts, listen to the rain, listen to the voices in their brains.’ While I find her message to be well-intentioned, it could be easily misconstrued by the other three due to their inexperience, especially that last part. Those with an unsound mind should probably not listen to the voices in their head, right?

So as the other characters are getting creative and making things, the notebook is no longer there to direct them. Suddenly the camera does this 360 degree perspective of the room and the audience sees the entire set, cameras and all. The three characters then change to bigger and look more like adults. It’s at this moment when the 4th wall has been busted and the three are left to express their own creativity with no control. Without the notebook to hold the reigns, all chaos breaks loose.

As all of their positive attempts at creativity have been shot down previously, their new efforts of the other now express their destructive and disturbing aspects of their creativity. Hearts covered in glitter, cakes made out of gore, flesh and blood coming out of mouse holes. and bizarre dancing, I’m sure listening to a storm didn’t help things either, but this disturbing turn is what they now think to be creative after the notebook told them what was not.

Suddenly, the three are back to their original forms and the notebook has reappeared to take control again. After giving a poor definition of creativity and seeing the results of what the other characters have attempted in order to fill in the gaps, she now encourages them to never be creative again. With all the damage she has done and the others only expressing destructive creativity, she tells them to give up creativity altogether and the set goes back to its quiet state.

However, what has been done cannot be completely undone. as a clarinet plays a spastic tune and black sludge seeps out from the mouse hole. The insane creativity that the characters expressed is still there, waiting to come back out.

So what do you think? I am I way off base? What’s your perspective? Get creative in the comments!