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Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Trailer Analysis

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I’m really starting to wonder if Scott Cawthon ever sleeps. I just talked about this game last week and here we are at it again. The original game was released in July, the second came in November, and now we have a trailer for the third! Seriously, this guy must program like a machine.

Thankfully, this new trailer does have some intriguing hints at what is to come. I especially find the text the most pertinent part.

He will come back
He always does
We have a place for him

I believe that these are the words of the animations themselves as an image of Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica are followed by the final line; not to mention that ‘we’ likely refers to the trio. They expect the child murder mentioned in the previous games to return to them, possibly to commit similar crimes. However, they are now prepared to take their revenge when he comes. Just what that would be or how that would apply to the new game protagonist still remains unclear. The next protagonist could be the murderer himself, but it’s also just as possible a new character could be introduced.

There are also several visual details to take note. This time the condition of the diner is decrepit, with peeling paint and what looks to be old wires hanging from the ceiling. It’s for this reason that I think the next game will be set much later than the previous games. The location looks a lot like the one from FNAF 1, but it could also take place in the original Fazbear Diner.

For this reason I wonder about the next game’s protagonist. Perhaps they will be a security guard of a different sort. Instead of the nighttime security of a seemingly friendly family restaurant, he or she will be looking after what’s essentially an abandoned building. Perhaps to protect it from squatters or find out what could be behind any possible disturbances.

Alongside the classic animatronics is a whole new beast that gives an updated meaning to the term nightmare fuel. This animatronic rabbit is in some ways similar to Bonnie, but has a sickly yellow color and is horribly beat up and scarred. I could be wrong, this could be an aged version of a Golden Bonnie, but my instincts tell me otherwise.

I’ve also heard of speculation that the place is now a horror attraction inspired by the restaurant’s history. I’m not sure if there’s any concrete evidence behind that theory though.

Only time will tell for sure. Considering Cawthon it won’t take too long!


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: The Horror Continues

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Out with the old, in with the new!

So you probably have already heard that a new Five Nights at Freddy’s game was released last Tuesday. I’m sure the internet has gone insane for it over the week. As for me, I was so happy to hear that this game was getting a sequel, especially so soon after the original. To tell you the truth, I was really surprised that the full version came out just after the release of the demo.

I’ve also written about the first game. You can read that post here.

In this particular installment many things are changing for Freddy and friends. It’s a new and improved Freddy’s Fazbear’s Pizza! A bigger location, and brand new robots to entertain children and adults alike. The future seems bright for the pizzeria and all who attend there.

However, we all know there is more to this family restaurant than meets the eye. Again, you take the role of a new night guard at the location and must protect yourself from the murderous tendencies of familiar foes and their new cohorts. Some new additions include a murderous puppet at the prize corner and a balloon boy that gets in the way.

Those interested in FNAF lore will be pleased to hear that the game expands on the tale, though not in the way one would expect. I’m not going to spoil it here for the uninitiated, but I plan on discussing it more in a different post. I will say these developments are both intriguing and imaginative. I really have to hand it to the developer!

You may be wondering about my own experience playing the game. I wish I could share more about that but sadly I cannot yet. Don’t worry! I did get the first game a while ago. I’ve just been busy with my new job and haven’t had the chance to finish it, but I will! I definitely plan on getting the second one as well. Perhaps I’ll take my experiences from both games and write about them here.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is available on Steam. I know I’m getting it, how about you?

Have a great week guys, and remember to stay scared!


Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Don't take your kids here.

Don’t take your kids here.

So it seems that another indie game on Steam is going viral, and deservedly so! It takes our fears of creepy dolls and robots takes it to a new level. Made by Scott Games, this title feels like Slender: The Eight Pages on serious steroids.

Unfortunately I haven’t played this title yet, but I plan to do so soon! I’ve only seen gameplay through YouTube. Right now I’m recovering from surgery and I don’t want to put myself under any more stress than necessary. Scaring myself while on heavy painkillers probably isn’t a great idea. Perhaps I’ll write about my experiences with the game in the near future.

So here’s the gist: You are Mike Schmidt, the new night watchman at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: a Chuck-e-Cheese style restaurant with cutesy animatronic entertainers – Freddy and his friends. You’re supposed to just sit in your office and keep an eye on the security cameras. The previous watchman leaves advice on how to get through the night and assures you everything will be alright. If only it was.

Something is terribly wrong with Freddy and the other robots. They wander the halls all night; always moving when you’re focused on another camera. Slowly making their way towards your little office. The Phone Guy explains if they find you, they’ll mistake you for a robotic exoskeleton, and stuff you into a spare bear suit full of animatronic gear, which would crush you to death.

In order to survive the night you must remain watchful of these robots, shutting the doors to the office when they get too close. Why not just shut the doors indefinitely, you ask? Well, the office doors, cameras, and lights all run on a limited amount of power. Apparently management is incredibly cheap these days, so if you use up the allotted amount everything shuts down and you’re left a sitting duck.

But there’s more to this story than a bunch of confused, murderous robots. The restaurant has a terrible past as well. Keen and persistent players will find old news clippings about a series of murdered children whose bodies were never found, reprimands for the ‘unsanitary’ conditions of the robotic characters, and the restaurant’s reputation fatally wounded. There’s really more of a supernatural issue here than one may realize.

While the established lore is a great story by itself, I’m still left wondering about Schmidt’s character. What kind of person would spend -not one, not two- but five nights risking their life, under threat of a horrible death by robotic children’s characters, all for $120? Is he that desperate for cash? Is he completely insane? Or perhaps there’s some other kind of explanation? If there’s going to be a sequel, I hope they expand on the protagonist’s motives.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is available on Steam for a reasonable price. I know I’ll be checking it out soon! How about you?

Weird Video of the Week

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Finally, I’m back to making some of my own videos again! This is a narration of a great webcomic from a South Korean artist. I highly recommend checking it out, and be sure to scare your friends with it too! Have a great weekend!

Kitsap County Haunted Fairgounds Review

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Even though Halloween has come and gone, I thought I’d give the I’d give this holiday season a final farewell by writing a quick review of the Kitsap County Haunted Fairgrounds review before it gets tucked away in my memories. I meant to get this out to all of you sooner, and it’s not like any of you are able to visit it for now, but I hope it convinces some of you to consider coming next year as I have been a regular attendee since 2007 and have always enjoyed their efforts.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures of this night because I found that my camera was completely dead! You can thank dear old twin sis for that, as she was using it earlier and forgot she left the damn thing on. Go ahead and shake your fists in her general direction if you like.

Every year they have an indoor waiting line with dressed up actors and a dance troop to keep people entertained.  Which is very nice considering what October weather in Washington is like. Apparently they’re expanding on such extra efforts by doing a little branding, as they were selling t-shirts and a handful of vendors selling items.

I also like how this haunt has a basic story-line behind it as well. In recent years, the plot has revolved around the exploits of ‘Lester and Otis,’ two inbred, redneck murderers living at the fairgrounds. I admit that I haven’t been very fond of the two and wish that the KCHF folk would try something new. In any case, this year’s theme revolves around an alien spacecraft crashing near their property and causing a zombie outbreak among the surrounding population.

The beginning was actually my favorite part, with military personnel determining if attendees were infected and dividing them accordingly. Not long after that there was an actor in what appeared to be a honest-to-goodness  hazmat suit yelling at us to keep moving. It’s the little touches like this that seem to entertain me the most.

However, I have to admit my favorite performer of the night was a fellow wearing a special mask and gloves to make him look like all his skin had been removed and his muscles was exposed. Not only was his outfit really convincing, but he also had the personality to back it up. If it were not for him and another amusing young actor in the same area, a major flaw in the haunt probably would have made my sister leave the haunt angry.

The most major criticism I have for the 2013 haunt was a maze-like section that seriously frustrated my sister and I. It’s really only a short section that actors can trick attendants into repeating by guiding people through a false door and hiding the real exit. For whatever reason the two of us were made to go through this stupid thing about three or four times. It ticked off Sis so much she wanted to leave the haunt without finishing it. It’s one thing to have a maze for people to solve on their own, but it’s another to make them feel like they’re running along a repeating cartoon reel. I honestly think they just need to do away with this part and stick with other methods of disorienting the guests.

Aside from have to get stuck behind some wimpy teenage girls on our first walk-through, it was a very enjoyable night. I hope my experience has got you thinking about next year!

Weird Video of the Week

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This week’s video is another one posted by yours truly! I really love how the literature classes up the place. Enjoy.

If you’ve got a video of your own that would be a great fit here, don’t be shy – send it to me!

Maris Farms: Harvest of Terror Review

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Maris Farms 2013 008

A scenic view of the pumpkin patch.

At this time of year when the leaves are falling and the pumpkins are picked, many haunted attractions spring up. I like to visit as many haunted attractions as I can throughout October, but my schedule is so busy with other Halloween activities that I can only make it to one or two on average. The first for me this season was Maris Farms’ Harvest of Terror, which is also the first time I’ve ever paid them a visit.

Maris Farms 2013 013

Some sheep were out and as cute as ever.

With my sister in tow we made our way to quaint and beautiful Buckley close to sunset. Maris Farms also has family-oriented daytime activities like a traditional corn maze and pumpkin patch, but these events are closed in the evening. However, some of it’s remnants were still noticeable. Seems like fun if you’ve got small kids.

I have found the reincarnation of George Washington. He enjoys life as a duck.

I have found the reincarnation of George Washington. He enjoys life as a duck.

Sis made a b-line for the information booth as soon as she laid eyes on it. You see, she used to work on a farm and just loves the places, so naturally she wanted to know more about the history on Maris Farms. Lucky for her, the attendant she talked to was the son-in-law of the farm’s owner, and informed her that the place had once been a simple dairy farm. However as with so many other farms in the area, the original business went under. The current incarnation of the farm began small with the pumpkin patch and the corn maze, then additional family activities in later years, and finally the haunted attractions that exist today.

The evening events consist of the Zombie Safari, The Haunted Woods, and the opportunity to walk through an un-haunted section of the corn maze at night. We took the Zombie Safari and Haunted Woods combo, as the corn maze walk would have cost us extra. The pictures you see here are of our explorations before entering any of the attractions, as flash photography is strictly banned and I didn’t want to risk getting kicked out.

The gates to the safari are an intimidating structure.

The gates of the safari.

Our first stop was the zombie safari, which is a ride on a converted school bus now outfitted with paintball guns attached to the sides. With a cup of paintballs, you pick your seat, get your gun ready, and shoot zombies out the side of the bus as heavy metal plays. The targets are a mix of ‘live’ zombie targets and mechanical additions. The sets the zombies stumble out of are put together well, and we were given just enough paintballs to get us through the course.

I am proud to say that with no previous paintball experience, I managed to shoot a zombie right in the middle of the forehead! Sis can’t stop talking about how she wants a paintball gun of her own now, so it’s a ringing endorsement from her as well. While the zombie safari is a rather short fifteen minutes, it can serve as a great primer for the longer haunted woods.

Fog rises from inside the haunted woods.

Fog rises from inside the haunted woods.

The Haunted Woods is a walk through a haunted portion of the corn maze and wooded areas of Maris Farms with a few small buildings to break things up. While many of the sets were effective, there were points where they felt slightly threadbare and walking through the woods or the cornfield between scares felt a bit too long. This probably didn’t help the walk feel any shorter, as the Haunted Woods take some time to get through – about a half hour give or take. Not only will you get quite a few scares, you’ll have a little exercise as well. Sis was even getting tired by the end of it, so it may be a good idea to bring some water along with you on your journey.

The major problem I had with the the Haunted Woods section was an issue that many haunted attractions are plagued with – controlling crowd movement through the maze. As many of you may know, running into the group of people ahead of you in a haunted maze can spoil the experience. Scary sets or actors lack the necessary shock when the surprise has been revealed five feet ahead of you. I don’t know if the group ahead of us was just slow or had a wimpy member holding them up, but there were several times when Sis and I just stopped and waited for the people ahead to gain a better lead so we could enjoy the maze on our own. Fortunately we managed to slip by them and enjoy our trip with little interruption.

Considering the length and intricacy of both attractions, Maris Farms is definitely worth your time – even if you live as far from it as I do. With a little improvement in crowd control and set design, it could turn into something really amazing. I would give it a 4 on a scale of 5.

Yours truly amongst the pumpkins.

Yours truly amongst the pumpkins.