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Weird Video of the Week

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As we get closer to that wonderful day of Halloween, the excitement in the air is almost tangible! Anyone got big plans for it? I’m curious if any readers here do something out of the ordinary. Normally I enjoy a fairly quiet evening of candy and movies, then perform a Samhain ritual to honor the dead.

Sorry for the lack of Jeff updates recently, but to make up for it I’ll make the next extra long.

Anyway, this week’s video is a look into a funny character. Perhaps a little too funny… Enjoy!

Weird Video of the Week

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For this week, I’m sharing an intriguing little music video that offers quite a twist. It has a lot of views, it demands to be seen repeatedly. Enjoy!


Weird Video of the Week

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Well, I’m not dead yet folks!

I’m getting back to being a productive individual after a short, rough patch in life.

But enough about me; today I’m sharing with you all a playthrough of a game called The Graveyard. Basically, you’re a little, old lady walking through (of course!) a graveyard. Your character sits at a bench and contemplates death through song, and then leaves. That’s pretty much it, except that she could collapse and die at any point.

I particularly like the song in this; very spooky and poetic. Enjoy!

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2: Time Kills

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You cannot believe how happy I am to know that they made a sequel to the original! I’m starting to hope that this spawns a series of some kind. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Much like the previous video, its meaning can be difficult to understand. Many theories abound already, but I’d like to throw in my own two cents into the discussion.

Does anyone else notice that mere objects are calling the shots in these videos?

Does anyone else notice that mere objects are calling the shots for living characters?

As with the first DHMIS video, this one also addresses themes of indoctrination of accepted ways of thinking. Instead of conventional ideas about creativity, it’s now all about time. The clock teaches the other characters what time is and how it’s used for organization and measurement, even when they object to the schedule he has set. He also appears to control their actions and won’t let them take part in activities that he perceives as wasteful.

Don’t ask me about the guy covered in slime and talking about batteries. I don’t get it either. The best I can come up with is that the harmful aspects of our history is generally swept under the rug when we teach kids history. If somebody else has a better idea, I encourage you to share.

As they all begin to talk about the future, the trio become aware of mortality by the death of an old man, but the clock quickly changes the subject to a more positive outlook about modern technology. So often our society discourages the contemplation of serious subjects like death in favor of focusing on minor distractions like material goods.

The fish in the next part shows how time can be repetitive. The schedules that we make for ourselves repeat over and over. Eventually one part of our day can feel much like another if it’s repeated enough.

Astute viewers may notice at 2:40 the display the duck is pointing to has Einstein’s famous mass-energy equivalence formula, but instead of energy, it equals a swastika. It’s a striking juxtaposition; a mathematical formula from a scientist with a Jewish background inexplicably calculating to a symbol of the Nazi regime. It’s something that  I can’t help but compare it to the 2+2=5 equation from 1984.

Obviously the clock isn’t too happy that the other characters are discussing and debating the entire concept of time, questioning if it even exists or perhaps a creation of humans. He wants them to think that it’s an important tool and respect him as well. Their ideas aren’t what he wants from them. Drowning out the conversation until one’s ears bleed is definitely one way to prevent a group from thinking!

The clock punishes them further by making time pass quickly, horribly aging them and making them start to rot. The clock stands by looking angrily at them as they beg him to make this torture stop. He will make these character respect him through the power that he has over their lives.

The final scene reveals all that has happened is the only the show they were waiting for in the beginning. Events have come full circle, but even though the characters are back at the beginning, distinct marks have been left behind. Colors are quite dull in the final shot, there’s an eyeball on the floor, and a picture on the wall has changed to ‘nothing’: the clock’s idea of the future. This represents how the characters have now accepted the conventional idea of time; to schedule repeating patterns and focus on unimportant moments rather than bigger issues, making their colorful lives duller. The eye on the floor is a sign that they have become distinctly aware of their mortality and eventually they will run out of the time and die.

I’d love to hear what other people have to say about this video! Feel free to comment.

Sanitarium: Nostalgia and Fear

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The cover art for this classic game.

Fun fact: It’s the anniversary of that cold November day when I made my arrival in the world. I’m happy to share this day with all of you!

As a little early birthday present to myself, I recently re-bought a copy of Sanitarium; an adventure game that I often played in high school. It’s a bizarre little title that’s near and dear to my heart and hopefully it’ll creep your way in to yours as well.

Sanitarium tells the story of Max, an amnesiac inmate at an architecturally grand asylum finding his way through delusions and finding out what’s really behind his insanity. His journey takes us through an abandoned town full of deformed children, a demented circus stranded on an island, an alien world filled with cyclopes and cybernetic insects, and Aztec gods fighting each other. It’s a varied mix of environments and scenarios that starts to become coherent when the overall plot is revealed.

The Tower Cells; where you get your first glimpse of your lovely roommates!

The Tower Cells: where you get your first glimpse of your lovely roommates!

Being an older game, it’s going to have some flaws one needs to be patient with. Dated graphics, sub-par controls, and other issues are present throughout. Just keep this fact in mind if you choose to play.

Controls are somewhat spotty, especially in the game’s few moments of combat. Max moves by pressing and holding the right mouse button, and when he does it’s pretty awkward. There are more than a few instances where the fellow went up or down some stairs when I didn’t want him to, or get within proper range of foes. It gives fighting aggressive crows and squid monsters added difficulty. However these moments are short and easily passed even if you have to attempt it more than once. It’s not a game that will make you throw your computer out the window or anything like that.

I dare you to try to make sense of this picture!

I dare you to try to make sense of this picture!

That being said, it’s still a treat to play because of the unsettling subject matter and imagery that isn’t often found in present games. I can’t think of a game where I could explore someone’s demented psyche like this and if you can think of a better example, please let me know – I want to play it!

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared: Let’s Get Creative!

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Seriously, who hasn’t seen this video? Well, in case you haven’t here it is for you to enjoy. I promise not to hug you afterwards!

Okay! Hopefully, you’ve had a moment to compose yourself and are able to continue with the post. While Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is disturbing for most, there are many viewers left wondering just what the heck any of that meant. Many theories exist, but most people agree that the film explores how children’s programming indoctrinates them into only expressing their creativity in certain ways.

While I do agree that this is what the notebook is attempting to do, I would also say that she fails at it miserably. Allow me to explain…

The video starts completely silent, with the three main characters (a shaggy red figure, a yellow and blue man, and a green duck) sitting at a table looking pretty bored. These three fellows lack any enthusiasm and judging from their dialogue, seem to take things pretty literally. This allows the notebook to make her appearance and take charge.

As the notebook introduces the others to the idea of creativity, she gives various examples of the way that she expresses her own form of it. She sees silly faces in fruit, she’s got crazy ‘hair,’ she even shows the others how she sees shapes in clouds. It’s easy to imagine her to be a teacher instructing a class.

The other characters give their own ideas as she provides these different suggestions or activities, like finding hair pretty boring, painting a clown, or thinking green is a creative color, but each time they’re shot down, She doesn’t stop to explain to them why she doesn’t find these ideas to be creative. The lack of explanation or direction is a serious mistake on her part.

As she continues to direct them, her final tip is to ‘listen to their hearts, listen to the rain, listen to the voices in their brains.’ While I find her message to be well-intentioned, it could be easily misconstrued by the other three due to their inexperience, especially that last part. Those with an unsound mind should probably not listen to the voices in their head, right?

So as the other characters are getting creative and making things, the notebook is no longer there to direct them. Suddenly the camera does this 360 degree perspective of the room and the audience sees the entire set, cameras and all. The three characters then change to bigger and look more like adults. It’s at this moment when the 4th wall has been busted and the three are left to express their own creativity with no control. Without the notebook to hold the reigns, all chaos breaks loose.

As all of their positive attempts at creativity have been shot down previously, their new efforts of the other now express their destructive and disturbing aspects of their creativity. Hearts covered in glitter, cakes made out of gore, flesh and blood coming out of mouse holes. and bizarre dancing, I’m sure listening to a storm didn’t help things either, but this disturbing turn is what they now think to be creative after the notebook told them what was not.

Suddenly, the three are back to their original forms and the notebook has reappeared to take control again. After giving a poor definition of creativity and seeing the results of what the other characters have attempted in order to fill in the gaps, she now encourages them to never be creative again. With all the damage she has done and the others only expressing destructive creativity, she tells them to give up creativity altogether and the set goes back to its quiet state.

However, what has been done cannot be completely undone. as a clarinet plays a spastic tune and black sludge seeps out from the mouse hole. The insane creativity that the characters expressed is still there, waiting to come back out.

So what do you think? I am I way off base? What’s your perspective? Get creative in the comments!

Weird Video of the Week

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Another week gone by! We’re getting closer and closer to autumn, my favorite season. Here’s an interesting video for you all to enjoy. The dialogue is from The Great Dictator, a 1940 film starring Charlie Chaplin. This video actually got me to see that film. Naturally I recommend seeing both.

If you’ve got a video you’d like to share, please send it on over!