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Jeff the Killer Reboot Part 3

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Here we go guys, finally on to part 3! If you’re new to this tale here are parts 1 and 2 respectively. Have fun!


The next morning began with Jeff and his brother getting ready for their first day at their new school. Their mother was frantic, trying to get them ready before she had to leave for her own errands. Apparently Liu had awoken late and was still getting dressed when Jeff had come down to the kitchen for breakfast, as he could hear the two bicker all the way upstairs.

“Honestly Liu, is it really that hard to set your alarm?” he heard his mother ask. Knowing her, she was probably picking at Liu’s clothes and hair, making sure everything was in place.

Jeff could hear his brother as well. “Mom, stop! It’s fine! My hair is fine! Would you just leave me alone?”

Not long after Liu stomped down the stairs, toothbrush in mouth and buttoning up his shirt.

“So how are you this morning?” Jeff asked with a hint of sarcasm.

Liu pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth, spat in the kitchen sink, and began pulling a box of Pop-Tarts from off the shelf. “Could definitely be better,” he replied in a bitter tone. “Watch out: Mom’s being a mega bitch today.”

The two fell silent as their mother quickly paced her way into the room, putting on a diamond earring in one ear. The business suit she wore was a bright red. Being a real estate agent herself, she did everything she could to get the attention of buyers and sellers alike; wearing bright colors was just one of her strategies. All it ever did for Jeff was make him think of blood, like she was some kind of ravenous predator.

Jeff’s father had already left for work, so at least he was spared from the nonsense. Jeff wished that he could just get his morning routine over with and leave. But he knew his mom would flip if she realized that he had left without inspecting him as well. She wouldn’t like Jeff leaving without the protection of his older brother either.

As he sat at the table, his mother gave Jeff a good look-over, and a sharp tsk of disappointment escaped her.

“Did you really have to wear that shirt today Jeff?” she asked as she walked over to him. She put a hand into his hair shaking her head. “Ugh, I should have taken you somewhere to get a haircut. It’s getting way too long. You’re starting to look like a damn hippie.”

His mother’s criticisms was starting to get to him. As he ate his cereal, he started gripping his spoon more and more tightly. It wasn’t until he pulled his fingers around the handle into a fist that he realized what he was doing.

Suddenly Jeff was gripped with the idea to shove the spoon into his mother’s eye socket. Her screams echoing in his head. He could imagine the wet sucking sound as he scooped her eye out, leaving nothing but a bloody hole in the side of her face.

This was only fantasy, yet it was one that managed to surprise even him. He was aware he was prone to such flights of fancy, yet he had never had such an intense desire to act until this very moment. He grunted, shifting away from his mother’s hand.

She sighed and left the room, saying nothing else to either Jeff or Liu. Most likely, she was content to ignore the two for now and move on with the rest of her day. Jeff shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he tried to push the images from his mind. He held his spoon properly and finished his cereal in haste.

“Come on, Jeffy,” Liu said as he slapped his brother on the back. “The bus is going to get here really soon. I don’t want to have to get mom to drive us if we miss it.”

Jeff grunted and gulped down the last of his cereal. “I’m coming, I’m coming,” with little enthusiasm. “Just don’t leave me here to rot.”


Weird Video of the Week

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For this week, I’m sharing an intriguing little music video that offers quite a twist. It has a lot of views, it demands to be seen repeatedly. Enjoy!


The Demon’s Day Revised: Intro Part 2

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Here’s part two of the Intro chapter. Enjoy!


Eva’s eyes snapped open when she felt something wet and strange crawling at the foot of her bed. She sat up gasping and pulled her feet close.

“Wuf pus meshoun inni soun foo chay?” that same something screeched in a high-pitched voice, “Wuf pus meshoun inni soun foo chay!”

It was like nothing she had ever seen before: it looked like a sick ball of slime with two popping eyes with scrawny legs as feeble support. It spoke through a rounded flapping mouth from which tiny teeth could be seen, even in the darkness. It repeated its nonsense phrase over and over crawling back and forth in a frenzied effort.

“Wuf pus meshoun inni soun foo chay?”

“Mom! Mom! Help me!” Eva cried, “Get this disgusting thing away from me!”

Despite Eva’s demands and the noise from the monster, there came no reply. For a moment she felt helpless; she couldn’t bring herself to get up and confront the slimy terror. She was just starting to begin to wonder what to do when it choose to hop off her bed and crawl across to the door. As it made its way there, Eva was astonished to see the door swing open for the creature as if on demand. It turned back to give a sadistic little grin before it hopped through and out of sight.

For a moment, she sat in the dark wondering what the hell had just happened. It was too bizarre to be real, and yet it had just come and went. Her stomach churned at the thought of seeing the little beast squirming around again, but she remained silent knowing that her mother was pretty much useless right now. The door still remained open.

She didn’t know what possessed her to get up at that point; she had wanted to keep away from that thing just moments before. Yet she found herself compelled to leave the comfort of her bed to follow its path.

As Eva passed through her door she realized the familiar hallway of her home had miraculously changed into a cold metal stairway leading down. It didn’t make any sense; there was no way her home could change like this. Eva’s jaw hung wide open as she scraped her hand along the wall, feeling the rough rust of long forgotten iron. No, everything’s so wrong; she thought to herself, how could this possibly be happening?

With small, tentative steps Eva made her way down to the next landing, even as the light from her room receded and her mind screamed at her to run back into her room where things would make sense again. She couldn’t seem to stop herself going forward; she needed to know where that little creature went. The rusty stairs made her wish that she was wearing shoes. She didn’t even have any socks on, damn it.

She continued further down to finally reach a heavy-looking black door. It was so dark she could hardly see anything, yet her hand found the handle easily. She felt like she had no other way to go. Opening it as slowly and quietly as possible, she was astonished to find herself on a wide rooftop of a tall city building. As the bitter wind blew her hair, her mind fumbled as it tried to figure out how one could get to a rooftop by going down.

Despite her shock Eva did have a tremendous view. She could see a vast cityscape before her in the distance, and realized that the building she stood on now was a part of it. She was amazed by the change, the wind, and the starless sky above her head. She thought I must be dreaming!

Looking down, she saw that the little creature that began her journey was just a few feet away, still repeating its strange little phrase. It hopped off its legs and rolled like a ball to the edge of the roof. The chilly gusts made its slimy body ripple.

“Wuf pus meshoun inni soun foo chay!” it said to her for a final time, before hopping off the ledge.

Eva moved forward to see what she assumed to be the creature’s fall. She peered over to get the right view, cautious of the danger of being so close to the drop. She couldn’t see a thing. There were no lights, no indication of a street below. It was an empty abyss that would go on forever.

That’s when she felt something. Her surroundings were darkened by a shadow. Eva’s heart dropped as she realized there was something just behind her. She had to force herself to turn around. It was far worse than the tiny monster that had fallen.

They were three figures, each one more imposing than the last. They were tall, black, and eyes and teeth were their only distinguishing feature. It was hard to see the shape of them, but their eyes had their own kind of glow. They stared down and smiled in a way that made Eva’s stomach turn. Their presence made her only more aware of how close she was standing at the edge; a very bad place to be. She felt like she had been tricked.

“You are now entering…the demonic world…” a faint voice said to her.

The demons pushed her off the building. For how lone she fell she did not know.

The Demon’s Day Revised: Intro

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I been doing some revision on what I’ve written so far on The Demon’s Day. This is the very beginning posted again. Can you spot the differences? Do the changes make it better or worse? Let me know.


“Eva, we need to talk.”

Eva lay sprawled out on her bed, rapidly texting on her cell phone. It was Bella- apparently Nicole and Jake just had a catastrophic breakup and the night was finally becoming interesting. Obviously, Nicole didn’t even deserve a guy like Jake in the first place. She was just too ugly to be that popular. Eva snickered as she read Bella’s message; Nicole must be a real slut right? She sent a ‘lol so true’ and a smiley face back.

“Eva did you hear me? I said we need to talk.”

“I’m a little busy. Come back later,” was all she had to say.

Frustrated, her mother walked across the room and took Eva’s phone out of her hands. “This is important,” she said, “Your homeroom teacher called me.”

“Mom!” Eva whined, “I need that back. Some serious stuff is going down right now. I need to keep in touch!”

Her mother didn’t seem to be listening, “Mrs. Chalmers told me you failed your chemistry test last week, and now your behind on your English assignments. You want to explain to me what’s going on?”

Eva paused before she put herself up to a sitting position. “It’s just school stuff-it’s always hard. I’m just not getting this chemistry thing at all and I can’t keep up with the book we’re reading for English. None of the teachers really care about what we think.”

“What book are you reading right now?”

“Um…the title was a year or something…somewhere in the 80’s.”

Her mother sighed. “Yeah?” she asked flatly, “And that party at Chris’  place the weekend before your test and the fact that you can’t even tell me the title of the book that you’re supposed to be reading has nothing to do with all this? You shouldn’t be blaming your teachers when it’s pretty obvious that you haven’t been caring all that much yourself.”

“Well what am I supposed to do?” Eva cried, “I can’t do all this school stuff and have a life at the same time. I have to keep up with all the others at school. There’s friends, jerks, texts, losers, clothes, boys, and all kinds of things that I have to keep track of. So what if some homework doesn’t get done?”

“Eva, look,” her mother began, taking a seat next to her on the bed, “I know this talk has been long overdue, but you need to rethink your priorities. I know your friends are important to you, but you can’t let that get in the way of everything else. You’re in high school now and it’s not going to be long before you have to figure out what you what you want to do next. Socializing isn’t the only thing you need to do to prepare yourself for the rest of your life. I know it might seem important now, but trying so hard to fit in like this won’t matter in the long run.”

“You’re not even trying to understand!” Eva cried, “You think anyone cares that I read a book or passed a test? No one!” Eva paused, noticing the look of pity on her mother’s face. It only served to fuel her anger. What did she have to feel so sad about?

“What they do care about is what you’re wearing, how good you look, and if you can get any of the guys. If you can’t then you’re just a piece of garbage; that’s how the world works Mom. That’s what life is all about and there’s no point putting energy into something that doesn’t give me what I want.”

“What do you want Eva?”

She thought for a moment, “I don’t know. I just don’t want to be garbage.”

Her mother let out a heavy sigh, “Well Eva, you’re going to have a long time to think about what you really want. You’re going to be staying at home until I see some changes.”

“You have to be joking!” Eva said, “Nicole’s birthday party is this weekend! Everyone is going to be there! If I don’t go they’ll think I don’t care about them. I’ll be an outcast by Monday!”

“That doesn’t matter to me. You may think that no one cares about what’s going on in your head, but I do. You’ll be staying here at home studying and catching up on your assignments.”

“Mom, this is my life you’re messing with! What am I going to do if I’m not with them? If I don’t know what they’re doing? ”

“Is this seriously all you think about?” her mother asked, “Eva, if this is the way you honestly feel, there’s something truly wrong with you.”

“There is nothing wrong with me – you’re the one that’s insane!,” Eva insisted, trying to grab her phone, “Everyone’s busy with the stuff they want to do and I have to be a part of it. What else is there?”

“A lot more than you think!” her mother said, pulling away. She got up from the bed and headed for the door. Her voice shook, “You’re going to bed-now. You’ll be sure that we’ll be talking more about this later. There are some serious problems that we need to deal with.”

“You don’t care about me! If you did you’d make sure I was happy!” Eva yelled. She clawed for the door and slammed it in her mother’s face. Her mother didn’t say anything in reply, but she heard her footsteps as she walked away from the closed door.

Still, the damn phone was gone and without it she was lost. She wondered why her mother had become such a pain lately. She never used to be so concerned about grades and stuff. Sure she always had the usual worries of a parent, but Eva couldn’t remember a time when she was such a bitch about it. She puzzled over how her mother could be so naive.

No longer in possession of her phone and without a computer in her room, Eva didn’t have anything else to do. Her only option was to go to bed, although she did so reluctantly. In the darkness her eyes adjusted, and she could just make out the Twilight poster she put up there ages ago. She wished she could become immortal like Bella and Edward, and then there would be nothing to worry about anymore.